Bynet was born in 1990, focused on a goal

Develop the best solutions for the success of your business.


Our history begins in Porto in 1990, when José Magalhães and Francisco Veloso founded SINBAD to develop management applications for banking institutions.

A change in strategy in 1998 shifted the business focus to Web development, which led to the creation of the Bynet brand.


Over time, we developed long-lasting relationships with our customers, treating them as our partners, and realizing how we can maximize their results.

We work with over 300 customers, who count on us to boost their online presence.


In 2017, we reinvent ourselves, focusing on the specialization in Digital Marketing and Content Marketing.

Our mission is to develop digital communication solutions that respond to the needs of our clients, with ethics, competitiveness and social responsibility.

The main Values, which govern the position and performance of Bynet are:

Guidance to customer satisfaction;

Development of competent, motivated and responsible employees;

Passion for the excellence of the projects in which we are involved;

Privilege of balanced and lasting relations with our partners.